dear pneuman,

welcome to pneuma world.

we are happy to have you participate in our unique app-experience designed for an anxiety-free existence on a quantum level.

pneuma world is a community that creates and provides you with a safe comfort-zone for self-enhancement on all levels, mind, body, and soul! Our goal is to create a sustainable, happy, and healthy lifestyle that enhances and enriches the life you already have.

to make this happen, we will share various meditation techniques, ranging from beginner to advanced, specially designed to assist you on your journey to self-enhancement. We wish you a happy, successful, and prosperous life-journey as we share the techniques to achieve the same.

the meditations we have devised are prepared to take you on a journey where you can better understand, develop, and progress on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. they range from physical relaxation, to mental contemplation and balance, to expanded consciousness and spirituality!

we have prepared information and technique files regarding each meditation type and purpose, so you can better identify and select which areas of your life you would like to enhance at any given moment.

pneuma world understands that our needs often change from day to day and moment to moment, depending on current life conditions. With that in mind, we have designed various programs and levels of Meditation to meet those changing times, along with the techniques and methods needed to obtain your goals.

we welcome and invite your questions, comments, and feedback, as well as suggestions on how we can accommodate your changing needs and enhance the variety and contents of our Meditations. We also welcome your request for us to create specific, specialized meditations that we can prepare especially for you and add to our ever-growing menu of experiences for the mind, body, and soul.

we also look forward to hearing from you and learning of your meditative experiences, as we at Pneuma World understand the unlimited potential of the mind and look forward to hearing how we have made an impact on helping you reach the inner sanctions of your mind!

happy meditations everyone, whether for physical relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, consciousness expansion, or spiritual progression!